Children's Board Passport Campers Summer Art Camp 2022 Ages 12-14

Children's Board Passport Campers Summer Art Camp 2022 Ages 12-14

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Summer Art Camp 2023 

June 5 – August 4 


Daily Camp Schedule 

8:00a-8:30a Morning drop-off 

8:30a-12:30p Morning Camp  

12:30p-1:00p Lunch break and Morning pick up/ Afternoon drop-off  

1:00p-5:00p Afternoon Camp 

5:00p-5:30p Afternoon pick-up 

Snacks will be provided during each camp. 

Students enrolled in both morning and afternoon camps will be required to bring their lunch. 

June 12-16

AM Camp: Pattern, Decoration, and Me
Explore and experiment with pattern and decoration. Learn about both organic and geometric shapes and patterns through the works of art in the galleries. Be inspired by art from ancient to contemporary.

PM Camp: Super Digital Illustrators
Campers will exchange traditional pencil and paper for digital ones, learn how to draw on a graphics tablet/computer. 

June 19-23

AM Camp:  Photo: Created Worlds
Photography is not just about capturing the world around us but also about creating imaginary worlds. In this camp, students will create everything that goes into the image: from telling stories to creating miniature scenes.

PM Camp: Wearable Art
Make creative wearable art, such as masks, accessories, and gadgets.

June 26-30

AM Camp:  An Illustrated Life
Create a collection of biographical or autobiographical work using traditional 2D illustration media. Students will create narrative illustrations to tell stories that are real, imaginary, and historical.

PM Camp: Sculpture: Ancient and Contemporary
Create sculptures inspired by all of the different kinds of sculpture on view, from small animals in the antiquities collection to monumental large-scale abstract sculpture hanging in the lobby, and create original works of three-dimensional art.  

July 17-21
PM Camp: Animation – Gifs, Glitches, and Cinemagraphs, oh my
Learn to make moving collages on the computer.

July 24-28
PM Camp: Animation- Stop motion and Walk Cycles
In stop motion animation, actual objects are posed and photographed then put together to create the illusion of movement. A walk cycle is the creation of movement though frame by frame drawings. In this camp students will experiment with both of these classic animation techniques using the computer to animate both drawn and photographed elements.