Children's  Board Passport Campers Summer Art Camp 2023 Ages 6-8

Children's Board Passport Campers Summer Art Camp 2023 Ages 6-8

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Children's  Board Passport Campers Register your camper now for Summer Art Camp 2023 camps for ages 6-8!




Summer Art Camp 2023 

June 5 – August 4 


Daily Camp Schedule 

8:00a-8:30a Morning drop-off 

8:30a-12:30p Morning Camp  

12:30p-1:00p Lunch break and Morning pick up/ Afternoon drop-off  

1:00p-5:00p Afternoon Camp 

5:00p-5:30p Afternoon pick-up 

Snacks will be provided during each camp. 

Students enrolled in both morning and afternoon camps will be required to bring their lunch. 



Cancellation Policy 


TMA and Children's Board kindly ask if your camper is no longer able to attend camp, please alert TMA/Children's Board with as much advance notice as your family is able. This allows unused scholarships to be awarded to alternate campers. Thank you. 


Ages 6-8 

June 5-9
PM Camp: Creature Creators
Take a close look at the animals in both ancient and contemporary art through our galleries, then make your own fantastic beasts. What creatures will you create?

June 12-16
PM Camp: Nature Around Us
Get inspired to unleash your creativity by observing both the nature around the museum and the different ways artists have shown the natural world in their art. Go for walks around the museum grounds and scenic Riverwalk area. Discover mixed media art making with a variety of materials and techniques

June 19-23

AM Camp: Incog-neat-o
Make creative costumes, masks, accessories, and gadgets based on your favorite characters or ones that you make up.

PM Camp: Art in 3D
Build, mold, and sculpt three-dimensional works of art inspired by the Museum’s galleries.

June 26-30

AM Camp: Expanded Photography
In Expanded Photography students will explore a variety of ways to make art that start with photos and go from there. Potential projects include mixed media processes such as drawing or otherwise altering printed photos, digital manipulation and other experimental approaches to photography.

PM Camp: Sculpture: Ancient and Contemporary
Create sculptures inspired by different kinds of sculpture on view, from small animals in the antiquities collection to monumental large-scale abstract sculpture hanging in the lobby.  

July 17-21

AM Camp:  Myths & Stories
Legendary journeys embody gods, goddesses, and heroes in our galleries. What myths and stories will you create for your characters in your very own comic book?  

PM Camp: Fun with Flags
Get inspired by the Haitian Flags exhibit and the work in Time for Change. Create your own banners, symbols, and stories.

July 24-28

AM Camp: Painting: Animals & Abstract
Make painting projects inspired by all of the paintings you’ll see at the Museum, including paintings of ancient creatures in the antiquities collection, Purvis Young, and abstract paintings from Prelude: An Introduction to the Permanent Collection.

PM Camp: Upcycled Art
Use recycled and repurposed materials to make works of art inspired by current exhibitions at the Museum. Create unique works of art while helping to preserve the environment and using everyday materials you could find at home.