Studio 55 | Intro to Photography and Digital Editing | with Kyle

Studio 55 | Intro to Photography and Digital Editing | with Kyle

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Studio 55 | Intro to Photography and Digital Editing | with Kyle 

Sundays, 10:15 am-1:15 pm

September 8- November 3 no class September 29 (8 Classes)

Studio 55 is the new community programming at TMA for adults 55 and older to connect over art and artmaking.

Work with your creative lens and take photographs that show your artistic eye. Learn beginner DSL photography along with basic digital editing techniques that will enhance your photos for all to enjoy.

Sliding Scale Registration

In addition to equitable services for all ages, the Tampa Museum of Art is engaged in equitable pricing. Grant-funded support of this program allows us to offer registration fees at a sliding scale inspired by Embracing an Equitable Sliding Scale. 

Please use the guide below to self-select your registration fee for this program.


Consider investing in the TIER 1 price if you:

  • are supporting children or have other dependents
  • have significant debt
  • have medical expenses not covered by insurance
  • are eligible for public assistance
  • have immigration-related expenses
  • are an elder with limited financial support
  • are an unpaid community organizer
  • are a returning citizen who has been denied work due to incarceration history
  • experience discrimination in hiring or pay level
  • are descended from enslaved people or Native American Indians


Consider investing in the TIER 2 price if you:

  • are single and/or without dependents
  • are able to repay your student loans, are in repayment or have paid off your student loans
  • have daily reliable transportation
  • are able to miss work either for sickness or leisure, and are still able to pay next month’s bills
  • travel when needed for an unexpected occasion like a family funeral or emergency


Consider investing in the TIER 3 price, if you:

  • own the home you live in
  • have investments, retirement accounts or inherited money
  • travel for recreation
  • have access to family money and resources in times of need
  • work part-time or are unemployed by choice, including unemployment due to full-time school in a degree-earning program
  • have a relatively high degree of earning power due to level of education (or gender and racial privilege, class background, etc.)
  • are registering with funds from your work at/with an institution (museum, school, university, etc.)

Art+ Members enjoy a 20% discount on TMA Studio Art classes. Join now. Already a member? Write to receive the discount code. 


Cancellation Policy 

All of TMA's studio courses require a minimum enrollment to run. If a class does not meet a minimum enrolment 3 days before the first day of class it will be canceled and a full refund issued to any enrolled students.

For students who need to cancel their enrollment:

14 days + before the first day of your class—100% refund 

8–13 days before the first day of your class—50% refund 

7 days or less—no refund 

All refunds will be charged a $15 administrative fee. 



This workshop series takes place at the Tampa Museum of Art, 120 W. Gasparilla Plaza, Tampa, FL 33602.